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Sarita doesn’t let ill health get in her way!

Dear Neil, Rob, Anna and Brian,

Fifteen year old Sarita started her initial schooling in an Apna skool education centre at a construction site in Panki, Kanpur, U.P. where she studied upto 5th grade. She is now enrolled in a mainstream local school studying in class VII in Kanpur.

Her parents, Naresh Verma and Laxmani are migrant construction workers from Chattisgarh going to Kanpur in search of work. Sarita was a heart patient (she suffered from Rheumatic Heart Disease) and Jagriti was able to support her for an expensive valve replacement operation at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore. She is still on medication and injections but has recovered very well.

She is a brilliant painter. She is serious about studies and although a quiet girl, is very understanding and mature. She has managed to stay calm and happy despite all the hardships and the trauma that she had to undergo during the pre-operative, operative as well as the current post-operative stage.

Your gift of a year of medical check-ups comes as a big relief to Sarita and her family who can be assured of their daughter’s speedy recovery with regular updates on her progress.

Thank you, Neil, for your gift of a year of medical care.

Thank you, Rob for donating a set of two uniforms.

Thank you, Anna, for your gift of study materials.

Thank you, Brian, for your gift of a full year of school lunches.

Your generous gifts have made it possible for Sarita to continue receiving a good education.

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